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Hear from Rejean Pommainville, who experienced a serious farm injury on his operation, talk to us about the impact it had on his farm and on his life.
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Réjean Pommainville Director
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Overview of: farm safety responsibilities, developing procedures, training, and emergency preparedness
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Glen Blahey Agricultural Health & Safety Specialist
Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
Join FCC’s chief economist to learn about global trends and their impact on Canadian farm income. The presentation will review key economic issues and their linkages to agriculture as well as provide an outlook for grains, livestock and farmland values.
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Jean-Philippe Gervais Chief Agricultural Economist
What, Why, When, Where, Who and How! Highlight the importance of a Farm Safety Plan, how to use the CASA resource and resources and information available.
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Glen Blahey Agricultural Health & Safety Specialist
Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
This webinar will cover: Farm Safety in Canada and the Role of CASA; Who We Are; What do we want to achieve?; Stats on ag fatalities in Canada; What do we Know?; 3E’s of Injury Prevention; Safety Hierarchy; CASA Strategy and how we achieve it; Reinforcement Activities; Recognition Activities; Leadership Activities; Outlook for Ag Safety in Canada
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Marcel Hacault Executive Director
Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
In a decade of AgriSuccess,there’s been a lot of great advice. Editor Kevin Hursh will present the most practical farm management tips he’s seen in the ten-year history of the publication. AgriSuccess is an agriculture magazine that features real-life farm management stories and innovative ideas dedicated to helping producers.
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Kevin Hursh Hursh Consulting & Communications Inc.
This webinar will address the important elements involved the development of the National Farm Safety Strategy, which was facilitated by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) late in 2012, as well as a discussion of the background and processes CASA used to develop this strategy. Learn about the five priority areas, including Developing a Culture of Farm Safety Across Canada; the Importance of Safety Knowledge, Skills and Motivation; Managing Farm Safety in Canada as a Partnership
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Dean Anderson Agricultural Program Manager
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
Make your management process easier by getting quick feedback on your operation, when you want it. A peer advisory group gives you a confidential sounding board based on experience and expertise. Learn how to minimize potential mistakes and capitalize on opportunities.
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Danny Klinefelter Professor
Texas A&M University
No farmer likes to spend time in the farm office. It is why this webinar, "Get Out of the Farm Office," will give you advice on ways to bring more of your information right to your smartphone. Through smart apps, impressive devices, and access to real-time information, Andrew Campbell will help you get the most critical information onto your hip so you can see it at any time, and make your farm management decisions in real-time as well.
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Andrew Campbell
Fresh Air Media; Bellson Farms
This webinar will address the important elements involved in managing risk, which includes both seizing opportunities and mitigating problems. Planning and preparations should cover not only the standard financial aspects (insurance, income protection) but also include environmental issues, food safety issues, climate, weather, global markets, human resources, consumer pressures, government policy change, and others.
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This webinar will cover: Case studies in HR;Developing the talents of the people we work with Shock Learning; Innovative Learning; Maintenance Learning; Hiring Process; Traditional and Strategic HR; Transformational Success; What is your worldview lens?
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Maureen D. Geddes President
CANGRAM International Inc.; geddesglobal
Consumers want local products. This social and economic phenomenon that has gone far beyond being a trend is here for the long haul. But what is a local product? Is it what consumers really want? What are the obstacles to be faced when distributing these local products? How do we transport them...from the farm to the table? This webinar will focus specifically on agri-food marketing; the results of marketing products locally, provincially and nationally; and the hidden costs of various alterna
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Normand Bourgault Professor
Université du Québec en Outaouais
How can you save money and make your operation more efficient? Jeff Nonay explains how his family’s sustainable farming practices have changed the way they supply high quality milk and increased their operation’s success. Learn how you can apply the same practices to your operation.
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Jeff Nonay
Lakeside Dairy
The rapid changes in global and domestic economics and trends in the agricultural industry are requiring producers and management teams to increase their business acumen regardless of the size of the business or enterprise combination. Dr. Dave Kohl, Professor Emeritus in the Agricultural & Applied Economics Department at Virginia Tech University will discuss the key economic indicators to observe in order to sustain profit and manage risk. He will give you a quick tour of global economics and
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David Kohl
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Letting-go of power and control is a common theme of difficulty for the founder when the next generation is impatiently or patiently waiting for their turn to be the ultimate decision maker. This webinar will cover: the signs that are telling you it is time to go;what to do next; how to make logical decisions; creating a new vision for the farm and your life; options for exiting; housing issues; how to “be family” when the farm system breaks up; creating timelines for increased certainty and de
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Elaine Froese
Seeds of Encouragement

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