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Join us for an engaging presentation by Dr. David Fraser that will reframe the debate on farm animal welfare and offer an alternative approach for instituting effective standards and creating public trust through a model of "professionalism."
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Dr. David Fraser Professor
Animal Welfare Program, the University of British Columbia
Everyone is talking about GMO’s these days, but what does the science really say? In this webinar we’ll explore how to discuss the issues with the public, with a focus on the facts. Rob will also highlight many sources of accurate information available to support the conversation. Get the tools and resources you need to speak up with conviction.
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Robert Wager
Vancouver Island University
As agvocates, it’s easy to get frustrated by consumer opinions about food. It takes a bit more effort to positively engage and change the conversation. Join us for this webinar that will dive into the mind of today’s consumers and offer concrete ways we can connect and move the conversation forward.
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Charlie Arnot CEO
Center for Food Integrity
FCC Chief Ag Economist J.P. Gervais shares the results of the annual Farmland Values Report and explores how those values compare to last year. He’ll also give insight on what the results and the current global economic trends could mean for your business.
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Jean-Philippe Gervais Chief Agricultural Economist
Under the proAction Initiative, the next module coming to dairy farms starting in the fall 2015 is about animal care. This webinar is dedicated to the specific topic of animal care assessment, and the recent pilot project on farms. Join David Wiens on April 15, at noon (EDS) for a discussion of the proAction initiative and the commitment of the dairy industry to real, measured and continuous improvement of animal care.
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David Wiens Chair
Dairy Farmers of Manitoba
Whether you’re an established blogger or just thinking about starting the next great agvocate blog, you’ll receive great insight into the world of blogging and how it can help ensure ag’s story is better understood.
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Owen Roberts Research Communications Director
University of Guelph
You have questions about proAction? Why do this? What’s in it for you? Do our customers really need that reassurance? Who is involved in developing this?
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David Wiens Chair
Dairy Farmers of Manitoba
The Ministry of Agriculture and Farm Management Canada invite you to learn about grain marketing strategies, get a better understand of hedging, commodity and option trading, and learn how to use commodity markets to improve your farm’s bottom line.
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David Derwin Commodity Futures Advisor
PI Financial Corporation
Anyone can market in a bull market – the real test of good farm managers comes in a bear market. This is when timing your sales and managing your risk become critical to your farm operation. Brian Voth explains how knowing where the market may be headed, and using available risk-management tools, can form the base of your solid marketing plan.
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Brian Voth Senior Market-Coach
Andreas Boecker explains how good management practices will help you connect to consumers through direct marketing. He’ll show you how using innovative practices in the ag industry and cost-effective research, you can tap into a valuable information source – your customers.
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Andreas Boecker Associate Professor
Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Guelph
As agvocates, it doesn’t take much for us to start talking about agriculture, but we might not always know how to engage a younger audience in those same conversations.
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Portia MacDonald-Dewhirst Executive Director
Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
Strategic planning expert Rob Napier explains factors driving change in the ag industry and how successful producers from around the world have prospered from those changes. Using real examples of innovations, this webinar shows you how you can position your business to profit from a changing environment.
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Rob Napier Director
Napier Agrifutures
We all know that to change perceptions of Canadian ag we need to talk to consumers – but what should you say? And how should you say it?
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Kelly Daynard Communications Manager
Farm & Food Care Ontario
Cedric MacLeod will show you how you can build on your operation’s strengths when developing a long-term strategic plan. He’ll also share insight into where the agriculture industry is headed and explain how that can impact your planning.
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Cedric MacLeod
Macleod Agronomics Ltd.
Hear FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais explain the new opportunities in developed and emerging markets. He’ll also talk about the economic factors driving the competitiveness of the agriculture and agri-food system globally and what it means for Canada.
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Jean-Philippe Gervais Chief Agricultural Economist

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