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What is Agriwebinar®
How do I host a webinar?
What if I am late in getting on?
What if I miss the entire Webinar?
What am I supposed to do when I log into the webinar?
What if I have to leave the webinar while it is on?
Troubleshooting Tips

What is Agriwebinar®?

Agriwebinar® is an easy-to-use webinar platform used by individuals and organizations in the agricultural sector to present and participate in agriculturally themed webinars. The main purpose of Agriwebinar® is to increase access to leading edge farm management information for farmers and other agricultural professionals nationwide.

Since 2004, over 18,000 agricultural professionals have registered to attend Agriwebinar® sessions. Viewers from all over Canada and the world have signed up to watch live and recorded Agriwebinar® presentations. The Agriwebinar® viewership consists of a wide variety of stakeholders of the agricultural industry.

Through the Agriwebinar® program, Farm Management Canada brings you the expertise of today’s agricultural leaders that will inform and inspire you from the comfort of your home or office. No travel, no cost, no reason to miss out!

Farm Management Canada's webinars are typically free* for participants and anyone can participate as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection. Even computers connected by a dial-up service can participate.

To stay informed of dates and speakers for upcoming webinars, you can visit the Upcoming Webinars section, or even better, register now to receive email updates. Registration is quick, simple and free. You only need to register one time. Once registered, you have access to all the live Agriwebinars®.

*Organzations presenting webinars may charge a fee for participants. If and when this is the case, the registration will clearly indicate a cost. No hidden fees will ever apply.

How do I host a webinar?

Do you want to broadcast your message to a wide audience? Whether it’s for your business, your organization, or if you know someone who would benefit from an opportunity to present to a large number of people, in a public or private format, we can help! Farm Management Canada offers its Agriwebinar® program to groups that want to use this platform to spread their message. If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact us for more information.


  • Register here to have access to Farm Management Canada Agriwebinar® archives. Just fill out the registration form and we’ll send you a confirmation email containing a link for you to click on to activate your registration. Once you register to, you can access all recorded Agriwebinar® presentations on the site. You will also be added to the Agriwebinar® mailing list to receive notifications on upcoming webinars.

  • Visit the Upcoming Webinars section for up-to-date information on upcoming webinars. Detailed information is provided in the presentation summary pages, which you can access by clicking on a presentation title of a webinar listed in the Upcoming Webinars section. Webinar details will include links to webinar registration.  Some webinars require registration, while some are open access. Presentation summary pages for webinars requiring registration will provide a link to the webinar registration page, while those for open access webinars will include a direct link to the live webinars.

  • Use the Past Webinars section on to watch our archived webinars. You can use the search engine located in this section to conduct a search by topic, speaker or by webinar series. If you choose not to use the search engine, the webinars will appear in chronological order. To view an Agriwebinar® recording, click on the webinar you wish to view, and sign in with your registered email address. Alternatively, you may sign in to the Sign In section prior to selecting the webinar you wish to view from the Past Webinars section. You can view as many webinar recordings as you wish once you have signed in.

What if I am late in getting on?

You can log in any time during the webinar.

What if I miss the entire Webinar?

All live webinars will be recorded and posted in the Past Webinars section. You must be registered to view recordings. Recorded webinars are usually posted to the Past Webinars section within 2 weeks after the original air date. For further instructions on viewing archived webinars, visit the Using Agriwebinar® section. If you would like to receive a notification when a particular webinar becomes available, email us at to let us know.

What if I have to leave the webinar while it is on?

No problem. Simply close the window. You can log back in later. You can also choose to minimize the Agriwebinar® so that you only hear the presentation.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you have any issues logging into a live webinar, hearing or viewing live webinar content, or accessing recorded webinars, below is a list of factors that could be causing the technical issue you are experiencing.

Summary of Potential Issues

  • Mobile Devices
  • Registration
  • Website Location
  • Firewall
  • Speed
  • Adobe Flash
  • Hardware


Are you experiencing difficulty in viewing an Agriwebinar® archive?

Potential causes for technical issues:

  • You may not be registered to To determine if you are registered, read the following.

Have you filled out the registration form on

No, I have not filled out the registration form.

You must be registered to the Agriwebinar® program in order to view Agriwebinar® recordings. Registration is quick, simple, and free! Register here.

Yes, I have filled out the registration form on
An error message will usually appear if you experience a technical problem with accessing a webinar, especially when the problem is related to registration. If you see the error message below, this indicates that you are not registered to the Agriwebinar® program.

This email address is either not registered or has not been confirmed. To register, click here. If you are already registered, please email to confirm your registration.

This message indicates that you are either not registered or that something went wrong in the registration process. Common causal factors for registration problems include:

  • Typos in the email address provided during registration (causing the delivery of the registration confirmation email to fail)
  • Your email server rejected the registration confirmation email, which caused a failure in the delivery of the registration confirmation email
  • The registration confirmation email landed in your junk mail inbox
  • The registration confirmation email was sent to your inbox but the registration confirmation link included in the email was not clicked on

If any of the above apply to you, make sure to check your inbox and junk mail inbox to click on the confirmation link. If the registration does not work once you have done this, or if you are unable to find the registration confirmation email, please email us at so that we may activate your registration manually. If you find our emails in your Spam or Junk Mail folder, make sure to mark them as non-spam or 'not junk', or add us to your list of safe senders if you're using Outlook, as to ensure that you receive emails from us in the future.

I registered and clicked on the confirmation link sent to me.

Are you signing in with the same email address that you used to register?

If you have changed your email address since you first registered, please email us at to notify us of the change, and we will update your email address.

I am signing in with the same email address that I used to register.

If you filled out the registration form and confirmed the registration successfully, it is possible you’re your firewall settings are preventing you from accessing the webinar recording. This is most likely to occur if you are attempting to access the webinar from public or multi-user networks such as a government office, a library, or an academic institution, but can apply to any user anywhere.

Take the Firewall test. The test will take a few seconds. If it turns out that your firewall settings are causing the issue, you will receive instructions for resolving the firewall issue. This will consist of changing your firewall settings or contacting your IT department to do so. Please contact us at if the steps taken to resolve the firewall issue do not result in you gaining access to the Agriwebinar®.

If it turns out that neither firewall nor speed are not the issue, the problem may be related to your Flash Player.

Do You Have the Latest Version of Flash?

For optimal audio and video broadcast of the Agriwebinar® presentation, please ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash. Although the presentation can be successful without having the latest version of Flash, having an older version can contribute to a lower quality video and audio broadcast. Get the latest version of Adobe Flash at


I have tried everything above, and still cannot access the webinar/I am still experiencing audio and/or sound issues with the live Agriwebinar® broadcast.

If you have confirmed that the issue is neither your registration, firewall settings, internet speed nor Adobe Flash player, it is possible that this is a hardware issue, most likely related to your computer’s video and/or sound card. If you have went through all the steps listed here, please contact us at to let us know. We will get a technician to contact you shortly to determine what the problem is. In the meantime, check out the list below to see what the potential issue could be.

Potential Hardware Issues

  • Audio issues

Do you have speakers/a headset?

Yes: If speakers are properly connected and user is able to hear other audio from his or her computer, speakers are not the problem.

Does your audio device (speakers or headset) work with other audio transmissions?

Try viewing a YouTube video or other media involving sound to see if you are able to hear what is being played. If you are not, you likely have a hardware issue associated to your audio device or computer’s sound card.

  • Video issues

Can you watch other videos?

Try viewing a YouTube video or other media involving video to see if you are able to view what is being played. If you are not, it is likely that your computer’s video card is not functioning properly.