Scott Ross

Scott Ross
Director of Business Risk Management and Farm Policy, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Scott Ross has been the Director of Business Risk Management and Farm Policy at the Canadian Federation of Agriculture since 2011. His work covers a wide array of issues, including advocating on behalf of farmers on BRM programming, labour policy, taxation issues, and addressing farm competitiveness through a variety of channels, amongst other issues. Scott grew up in the Greater Toronto Area, but chose a career in the agriculture industry after spending summers working on a nearby fruit farm and participating in regional industry association events.

Prior to his role at the CFA, Scott was contracted by the Economic Developers Council of Ontario to research opportunities to promote agricultural innovation and value-added through regional economic development strategies, culminating in his co-authoring a 2012 study entitled “Taking Regional Action. Understanding networks in the local food, green energy & creative sectors in Waterloo region.” In this role, Scott also engaged with a number of municipal and regional governments across Ontario to raise the profile of agriculture as an economic development priority and to highlight the value of developing appropriate development strategies in collaboration with industry.

Prior to this work, Scott completed a Master’s in Local Economic Development at the University of Waterloo, with a focus on the drivers of agricultural innovation, value-addition, and their contribution to regional economic development outcomes.

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